JOSHA SCHOLARSHIP FUND to support young students, artists, scientists from all around the world

Gerhard Steinmann, Silke Masullo

Affiliation: International Academy of Sciences, Humanities, and Arts (IASHA e.V.)

Keywords: Josha Fundraiser, knowledge for the world, Josha needs your help.

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.7.4.703

Languages: English

JOSHA JOURNAL/ IASHA ACADEMY IASHA e.V. has provided scholarships to students since 2015. The requests for scholarships have significantly increased during the Corona Pandemic which is why we need your help to rapidly support students, artists and scientists who are in financial or economic distress. Scholarships are made available to local and international students to cover for their expenses. By reducing their financial barriers, we can help make education and career goals easier to obtain. In addition to the financial aid, our open-access internet journal JOSHA ( lays out a forum where students, artists, and scientists can present their achievements to the public. There, you can value their presentations and follow-up on the impact of your funding. With your donation, you set a sign of philanthropy and help to continue our mission to support the future careers of many young and gifted people. Thank you for your donation!

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María Fernanda Sandoval

10. Aug

Thank you JOSHA and thank you IASHA Thanks for the support. It's been an adventurous and learning journey made possible by you!