Habitat Viability and Threat Assessment Survey of Indian Soft-Shell Turtle Nilssonia gangetica in Gomti Lake, Central Gujarat, India

Soham Mukherjee

Affiliation: Life Science Education Trust, Bengaluru, India; NAJA India, Ahmedabad

Keywords: Wildlife, Ecology, Nilssonia, Soft-shell Turtle, Habitat Degradation, Human-dominated Landscape

Categories: News and Views, Life Sciences

DOI: 10.17160/josha.10.1.858

Languages: English

A preliminary survey was conducted to determine the conservation importance of Gomti lake situated in Dakor town (Kheda district), Central Gujarat. The lake happens to be one of the last strongholds of an endangered freshwater turtle species– Indian soft-shell turtle (Nilssonia gangetica), and the resident population is now severely threatened due to a complete loss of nesting habitat.

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