Editorial Volume 10, Issue 1

Stephan Seiler

Affiliation: IASHA / JOSHA Journal. Freiburg, Germany

Keywords: Editorial, JOSHA Journal, 2023 Volume 10, Issue 1

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.10.2.882

Languages: English

In 2023, Josha brings a diverse range of publications. Jörg Friedrich explores death and the value of life through Hannah Arendt's quote, while Pernille Bülow proposes group-based activities as a better solution to depression than traditional treatments. Other contributions include Robert M. Kaplan's piece on the "mother of psychosomatic medicine," Sonia López Rendón's examination of privacy violations in social network inquiries, Usman Al-amin's study of tribal signs as cultural identification, and Soham Mukherjee's advocacy for wildlife conservation, including ways to avoid and deal with snakebites and the importance of the Gomti Lake in Gujarat for protecting an endangered freshwater turtle species.

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