Computer-aided Harmonic Progression Analysis: CAT CaSe

Carmine Cataldo, Luigi Serra

Affiliation: Independent Researcher, PhD in Mechanical Engineering, MD in Disciplines of Jazz and Improvisation (Jazz Piano), Battipaglia (SA), Italy

Keywords: CAT CaSe, Android, Cataldo Advanced Transformations, Chord Progression Analysis, Harmonic Substitutions

Categories: Performing Arts, Music

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.8.477

Languages: English

In this article we briefly introduce CAT CaSe. CAT CaSe is an innovative Android app, entirely based on an improved version of CAT (Cataldo Advanced Transformations), expressly meant for musicians (professionals and students). The app allows to instantly carry out a detailed analysis of any harmonic progression, without any exception whatsoever. All the phases that constitute the analysis are shown to the user, and the Harmonic Substitutions that occur are accurately discussed.

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