Enfermedades Crónicas No Transmisibles en Argentina - Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases in Argentina

Gisela Pattarone

Affiliation: Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine – Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina and Faculty of Medicine – Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany

Keywords: Enfermedades crónicas, prevención, medicina del estilo de vida

Categories: Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.7.4.701

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

A constant change in human health is evident, enhanced by technological advances and the development of scientific research. These constant changes are a setback in terms of the development and persistence of chronic diseases, being these the main causes of mortality and morbidity in Argentina, among which the Chronic Diseases stand out Non-transmissible (NTC) 1. These include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, kidney disease, certain types of cancer and chronic respiratory disease. It is a situation of enough changes to be able to carry out prevention measures in order to avoid the appearance of these diseases, as well as to improve the treatment indicated by the medical specialist, finally avoiding that they continue to be prolonged in time. This constant change causes a wide field for Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) 2 that seeks to integrate the different individual clinical experiences with the best external evidence for decision making. In this field arises the development of an effective strategy known as Lifestyle Medicine 5 that seeks to become the main focus for the management of these chronic conditions and, more importantly, their prevention.

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Ignacio Mastroleo

10. Sep

I did not know about lyfestile medicine and I'm grateful to the author for introducing me to it. However, I wonder about the effectivness of this individual approach in comparisson with, e.g. modification of a health system with more emphasis into primary care and prevention. In any cas, of course, I believe they are both compatible and could be persued independently of each other.