Zazie-Charlotte Pfeiffer

Keywords: Kurzgeschichte, Literatur, Linda

Categories: News and Views, Performing Arts, Music

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.3.547

Languages: German

This article is part of a series of short stories published in the Journal of Science, Humanities and Arts by the young author Zazie-Charlotte Pfeiffer, who received the "Jean-Paul“ Award in 2013 and the "Tom Sawyer" Award in 2012 for her work. This short story is written in German. Linda feels like a fish in an aquarium living isolated from the outside world. Safe from the dangers of the open sea, but still lonely and shielded. She hardly feels touched by anything. But on this night her aquarium breaks up and she finally feels life pulsating in her again. But...what or who brings this change with him?

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