JOSHA - Table of Contents Volume 2 Issue 7

Gerhard G. Steinmann

Affiliation: IASHA e.V., Freiburg, Germany

Keywords: nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, gestural painting, social, emotional, verbal and spatial diversity, post-trial obligations

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.2.7.85

Languages: English

Six contributions to JOSHA’s Issue 7 of Volume 2 complete the year 2015, the first whole Year of JOSHA’s service to provide a novel open access internet platform to facilitate entrée to the broad diversity of important discoveries and creativity in the fields of Science, Humanities and Arts. JOSHA’s last Issue of 2015 presents again attractions and highlights. The inspiring reading list of Nobel prize laureate Kurt Wüthrich introduces into the three spatial dimensions of biological macromolecules as identified by the technique of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Six fascinating paintings of French painter Albane Roux open senses for gestural dynamics in a colorful world, as art critic Christian Malaurie points out: “La peinture d’Albane Roux est une respiration, un mouvement qui invite le spectateur à un voyage intérieur ouvert sur le monde.” The focus of the attractive work of sculptor Martin Schonhardt is the human being in his broad diversity of social, emotional, verbal and spatial facets. Research ethicist Ignacio Mastroleo publishes a revised version of his remarkable presentation at the IMBS Symposium on Science, Ethics and Society in August, 2015 on post-trial obligations according to the new Helsinki declaration. Finally, this issue provides short information on painter Walter Eberhardt and sculptors Ludwig Köhler and Ulrich Sälzle. We are confident that this issues and the entire volume 2 will enrich of your world of reading. Let yourself seduce to enjoy articles that are not primarily in the center of your concern. If you, however, are interested in following up contributions related to your own focus, please click on one of the bottoms of the left column (under “Issues”) of JOSHA’s home page. The will lead you directly to the specific editorial areas of your interest. JOSHA, the new non-profit open-access multi-disciplinary Journal of Science, Humanities and Arts needs your support as our much valued reader. Submission of all types of contributions are suitable and appreciated, i.e. original studies, research and art, reviews, clinical, social, economic, juridical and technical practice, summaries and consensus views, reading lists, training material, theses, academic and non-academic presentations and talks, seminars, comments on social, political, and economic issues, annual reports, meeting announcements and reports, etc. For further information, please refer to the Editorial of the first issue 1/2014 and the instructions for submission. Ratings and comments of readers are a backbone of JOSHA’s conception. We will hold your ratings by using the simple five-star scale and, if desired, additional textual comments in high regard. With best wishes for a Happy New Year! The Editors

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