A wonderful concert experience in Freiburg \ Konzert-ERLEBNISSE

Leander Hotaki

Affiliation: "Albert Konzerte" Freiburg, Germany.

Keywords: culture, music, concert, freiburg, Albert Konzerte

Categories: Performing Arts, Music

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.4.548

Languages: German

Leander Hotaki is since 2010 the director of the German program called "Albert Konzerte" which is a program in charge of making possible to bring the greatest artist of the World to Freiburg and to make the most wonderful concerts in the south-west of Germany. In fact, he also promotes the work of the best students in the field of dramaturge or music in many universities in Germany and writes columns about different topics around music and musicians. This time he writes about the experience many people enjoy when they have the opportunity to interact with the artists and musicians from all over the world who perform in the concert hall in Freiburg.

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