TRANSCEND a new Translational Medicine hub at the east edge of European Union.

Eugen Carasevici

Affiliation: TRANSCEND (Center of Fundamental Research and Experimental Development in Translational Medicine), Regional Institute of Oncology in Iasi, Romania

Keywords: Development, medicine, transcend

Categories: Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.1.376

Languages: English

The functional concept of TRANSCEND is equally in favor of independent continuation and subsistence of each unit through dedicated projects and financial capital as well as comprehensive projects that fit into place all units of the center for the design of a biomarker with diagnostic value and ultimately linked to the application of a specific and tailored therapy. Pairing Diagnostics with Therapeutics is currently framed under the notion of theranostic. TRANSCEND will promote this convention implying that drugs must be paired with diagnostic biomarkers to enable the right drug to be selected for the right patient at the right time. Central to the integration in such a scheme, which aspire to diagnose, deliver targeted therapy and monitor the response to therapy, is the growth of units of proteomics, bioinformatics and isotopic tracer production for developing a translational biomarker repertoire and a functionally interpretable systems medicine.

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