The Effect of Cervical Cancer Surgical Management on Sexual Function in a northeastern colombian Hospital

Astrid Paola A. Cuervo , Franco Garcia, Rocio Guarin

Affiliation: Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

Keywords: Cervix uteri, sexual disfunction, surgery

Categories: Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.7.1.630

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

Female sexual function is one of the determinants factors for female health. The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of surgical management on female sexual function in patients with cervix cancer six months after the intervention. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Prolective cohort in which we applied in a voluntary way the Female sexual function index (FSFI) n women with a diagnosis of cervix cancer and surgical management with active sexual life treated in Hospital Universitario de Santander (Colombia) in 2019.

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