Psychology based on evidence and panic disorder; analysis of a case study

Jorge Alberto Velásquez Castrillón

Keywords: panic disorder, evidence based psychology, Exposure Therapy, cognitive restructuring, single case study Psychology.

Categories: Life Sciences

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.1.377

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

This single case study aims to analyse the case of a patient suffering panic disorder, accompanied by a recurrent depressive disorder. As a treatment, therapies based on empirical evidence were used. During the evaluation phase, a symptoms severity scale for panic disorder, a depression inventory from Beck, 1979 and a clinical interview were used; additionally, therapeutic targets were proposed, and panic cognitive therapy was applied; the therapy was developed during 17 treatment sessions, where the techniques of psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring, relaxation and interceptive exposure were used; At the end of the treatment there was a significant decrease in the symptoms of panic, anxiety and depression that helped to improve the overall conditions of the patient. When comparing the results obtained after the treatment process, the results show congruencies with the available literature.

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