Max Frisch - The problem of identity in his work from a psychoanalytical Point of view - Third Part

Gunda Lusser-Mertelsmann

Keywords: Max Frisch, Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis, gender, identity, society

Categories: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.8.485

Languages: German

This article is the third topic of the dissertation: „Max Frisch – Die Identitätsproblematik in seinem Werk aus psychoanalytischer Sicht“ by the German philologist and psychoanalyst Gunda Lusser-Mertelsmann. She reflects on the question of whether our society supports is individuals in developing their own identity and originality rather than suppressing exactly this development. Can an individual really be free enough to shape his own character or do we simply follow fixed pathways on the road to conformity in our society? How do the mass media influence our personalities and what are educations’ possibilities of changing the way we deal with all the influences of the mass media? The following article is written in German. (reprinted with kind permission of „Akademischer Verlag Heinz-Dieter“, Stuttgart 1976). Part 1: Part 2:

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Zazie-Charlotte Pfeiffer

2. Nov

Really interesting thesis with a subject that concerns us all - society and identity/individuality!