Are we seeing a renaissance of Lamarckism? (Erleben wir eine Renaissance des Lamarckismus?)

Horst Kress

Keywords: Epigenetics, Lamarck, inheritance of acquired features, epigenotype, Darwin, Evolution, Lyssenko, Communism, Religion, Epigenetik, Lamarck, Vererbung erworbener Eigenschaften, Epigenotyp, Darwin, Evolution, Lyssenko, Kommunismus, Genetik

Categories: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

DOI: 10.17160/josha.3.4.212

Languages: German

Lamarck attributed the transformation of species to the inheritance of acquired features. Although not completely convincing in his time, even Darwin accepted this concept in his “Pangenesis” Hypothesis. Later experiments to confirm Lamarck`s concept failed. Nevertheless, Lamarck had a pronounced effect on communistic science, research projects and political strategies, closely associated with Trofin D. Lyssenko (1898-1976). Lamarck`s model cannot explain the evolution of species as we understand it today, since his concept stipulated the transformation of arts, not a common ancestral tree for all species. INSTITUTION: Institute of Biology, Free University Berlin, Berlin, Germany. [Article in German]

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