Building Rating System: Kosovar imperative in sustainable context

Bujar Q. Bajçinovci, Violeta Nushi

Affiliation: University of Prishtina, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kosovo.

Keywords: Sustainable building; Building rating system; Sustainability indicators.

Categories: Visual Arts, Architecture and Design

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.2.387

Languages: English

The purpose of this paper is to identify and establish an understanding for the importance of Building Rating System (BRS) and insights of a detailed survey of the building’s specifications in compliance literally stated in requirements of Construction Industry Law in Kosovo. BRS will be used as a comprehensive tool to deliver a report to the respective governmental institution and property developer. As an important part of the sustainable construction delivery system, sustainable BRS plays an essential role in implementing the sustainable principles into the construction industry and assessing the building’s rating. The research adopts comprehensive literature reviews from numerous published sources, as journals, government reports, published thesis and website document focusing study on BRS contributions. Sustainable development indicators in securing the interest of Construction Industry in Kosovo will be partially spotlighted by research questions: “What is BRS role in sustainable development, environment, architecture and construction in the context of Kosovo? How could BRS response over the law systems among decision makers in Kosovo?” Establishing the BRS system is an essential and/or added value to the government now, as BRS adoption accelerates, must meet the institutional mandate, and thus make closer links between the construction industry and decision-making government institutions. Expected outcomes on different levels, outlined in this paper, will address BRS as a minimum tool in near future, starting from educational institutions, designers, builders or clients, for developing a sustainable construction with sustainable architectural and construction concepts and competencies.

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