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Published in Volume 6, Issue 4 -


Angie Katherine Bello Suárez, Patrik Eliana Sarmiento Wilches et al.

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.4.551

CONCEPTS Chagas’ disease, a zoonosis caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, is present in South America. Can be vectorborne, bloodborne and congenital infection. It shows tropism through smooth cardiac and gastrointestinal muscle, as well as nerve and reticuloendothelial tissue. Inoculation site evidence, prolonged fever syndrome, and general malaise lasting between 2 and 8 weeks characterize its acute phase. Direct parasitaemia detection study or indirect serology make diagnosis. Detection of acute infections is infrequent and confirmation of oral transmission is difficult. We report one case of acute Chagas associated with oral transmission. CASE PRESENTATION Previously healthy schoolchild, with fever lasting 15 days, and facial edema. Antecedents along immediately preceding month: father, mother and pregnant sister showing acute fever syndrome associated with dyspnea with thick-drop testing positive for Chagas. Rural area dwellers of a cane and mud house.

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Published in Volume 6, Issue 2 -

DEMETRIOS PRIZE 2019! Functional outcomes of radial head fractures type III and IV, after management with arthroplasty or internal fixation.

Diego Armando Guzmán Abello, Cesar Augusto Abril Gaona

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.2.542

This article of one of the winners of the DEMETRIOS PRIZE 2019 covers everything related to radial cup fractures, which account for 4% of anatomical fractures. Despite advances and innovations in trauma management, unstable radial dome fractures challenge proper management until the orthopedist achieves the best results. The objective of this thesis is to evaluate the functional evaluation in the postoperative follow-up of these patients using a functional scale that gives us a perspective that favors some of these procedures. As a result, the median age of 37 years was found in the patients, with a slightly higher prevalence in women, 62.5% with left elbow and traffic injuries, which accounted for more than half of the cases, 62.5% with Mason IV radial dome fractures and 37.5% with Mason III type. Open reduction and osteosynthesis were performed in 62.5% of patients, while arthroplasty was performed in the remainder.

2064 1412
Published in Volume 6, Issue 2 -


Malka M. Wadnipar, Juan Carlos Otero Pinto

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.2.532

Background: The evaluation of the fetal circulation, mainly of the umbilical artery (AU), middle cerebral artery (MCA) and ductus venosus (DV), have been the pillars in the diagnosis and monitoring of the main alterations in fetuses with restriction of the intrauterine growth (IUGR). Given the need to have a parameter with the predictive power of adverse outcomes that allows us to define the opportune moment of birth of a fetus with IUGR, the pulsatility index of the aortic isthmus appears as the point of connection between the two fetal circulatory systems arranged in parallel between the left and right ventricle. Objective: To establish the degree of correlation between the pulsatility index of the fetal aortic isthmus and the function of the middle left ventricle by the TEI index in fetuses with estimated fetal weight below the 3rd percentile (PFE <p3).

2304 1490
Published in Volume 6, Issue 1 -

First-in-Human Research

Virginia Perez

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.1.527

First research in humans involves a wide variety of studies where the common factor is to test a new intervention, that is, never before tested in humans. In addition, it is a topic of interest for research ethics since failures in research projects have been reported that caused serious harm and even the death of some healthy participants. But this is only the worrying reason because also this type of research proposes to achieve a great advance in knowledge by trying to transfer the preclinical findings to the clinic. If a balance is struck between the need to develop new therapeutics and adequate protection for participants, society will benefit without unfairly burdening any of its members. In order to properly analyze this topic, three fundamental questions about first human research will be attempted: What is it, how is it justified? And how is it regulated?

2050 2036
Published in Volume 6, Issue 1 -


Roland Mertelsmann

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.1.519

The JOSHA Team is very pleased to share with you information about our second Demetrios Prize 2019. For the categories BACHELOR, MASTER and DOCTORAL thesis the International Academy of Science, Humanities and Arts (IASHA e.V.) supported by the Biothera Foundation will select 3 theses in each category and award a prize of € 500 each. Our editors will select the winners. The manuscripts of the winners will be published in the Journal of Science, Humanities, and Arts - JOSHA, with a unique DOI for each paper. Theses in either GERMAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH or SPANISH may be submitted. Bachelor, Master, and doctoral theses should be submitted by mail to June 15, 2019. The “Journal of Science, Humanities, and Arts – JOSHA” has been initiated to create a novel internet platform to access the broad diversity of important discoveries and creativity in the fields of Science, Humanities, and Arts.

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Published in Volume 5, Issue 10 -

Cruz-Diez: El surgimiento de una familia - Rise of a family.

Felicitas Holzer, María Fernanda Sandoval

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.10.516

The JOSHA Team had two times in this year the great opportunity to visit not only the atelier but also the Carlos Cruz-Diez Foundation in Paris, France. Our second visit was an incredible interview with the daughter of this grate Op-Art and president of the Foundation, Adriana Cruz Diez. She said: "My father is clearly the creator and the person with the ideas. We, the other family members, are helping. We are aware that we are in a privileged position to do so". Carlos Cruz-Diez, born in Caracas in 1923, belongs to the avant-garde of so-called op art and kinetic art and is already titled "Master of Color."

2151 1506
Published in Volume 5, Issue 10 -

Vascular trauma and lactate clearance as predictor determining mortality. Case report.

Carlos Andres C. Cortes Samaca, Hector Julio Melendez Florez et al.

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.10.512

Introduction: The serial measurement of serum lactate is essential for monitoring the therapeutic response of initial resuscitation and damage control in patients with vascular trauma, as well as a predictor of morbidity and mortality. Case report: We present a 25-year-old male patient who suffers trauma due to knife wound in the thorax with vascular injury, in whom a serial measurement of serum lactate, damage control and resuscitation was performed; subsequently, a vascular lesion was diagnosed, and vascular exploration of the subclavian vessels + arteriotomy was carried out due to the finding of vasospasm in the axillary artery with in situ thrombus and subclavian artery raffia. Conclusions: The serial measurement of serum lactate and its rapid clearance in the first hours of the event successfully predicts a low probability of morbidity and mortality despite the characteristics and severity of the trauma. ©2015 The Authors.

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Published in Volume 5, Issue 9 -

Artistic Dialectic between Tragedy and Misfortune in Oedipus the King

Lizdaribeth Josefina Torrealba Hernandez

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.9.495

Destiny is that force which guides the will of the men, however, they want in many cases to go against that delineated force. The classic conception of tragedy glimpses the prevailing contradiction between happiness and misfortune. The tragic stories emerge as a living and very intense lesson about the decisions which men adopt freely without considering those extreme laws ruled by fate and by the gods. This work is oriented towards the philosophical and aesthetic study of the Oedipus Rex Tragedy by Sophocles. Likewise said writing is sustained under the philosophical and aesthetic foundations of Nietzsche and Aristotle.

1962 1333
Published in Volume 5, Issue 9 -

Knowledge That is Not Communicated is Wasted: JOSHA - Open Access With Author Copyright - Spanish Version: El conocimiento que no se comunica se desperdicia: JOSHA - Acceso abierto con derechos de autor.

Gerhard G. Steinmann, Roland Mertelsmann, María Fernanda Sandoval

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.9.492

Universal access to knowledge is a fundamental principle of science and humanities. Today, however, publications of science and humanities are locked behind high paywalls and non-transparent selection procedures. In the efforts to resolve the misery, a first important milestone was the “Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities” of 2003. This year, a second milestone was reached: Eleven European research funding institutions have committed to require from 2020 on that all results from research funded by these institutions are published immediately in compliant Open Access journals or platforms. The negative liabilities of Peer-review procedures, including the “Semmelweis reflex” are shown to represent further barriers for an immediate universal dissemination of knowledge. The original article (DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.9.488).

2298 1708
Published in Volume 5, Issue 6 -


Fabián Gustavo F. Díaz Rodriguez, Hector Julio Melendez Florez

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.6.453

We present the case of a 15 years old female patient admitted to the Critical Care Unit. The patient was scheduled for extubation with a tube exchanger. However, the tube exchanger broke inside the patient's airway immediately after extubation requiring surgical intervention, which was successfully performed.