Wie Gefangene im eigenen Zimmer - It's just like being held Hostage in your own Room

Smilla Werle

Affiliation: Walter-Eucken-Gymnasium, Freiburg, Germany

Keywords: Covid, Pandemic, School, Kids, Learning, Homeschooling

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.8.3.759

Languages: German

Since students in Germany have been sent to homeschooling again and again for a year, some problems have developed. Normal lessons have been replaced by a digital device, teachers can only be seen in a small window on the screen and your own room is no longer the place to relax and withdraw. No! The constant lessons in your own room make it difficult to leave the stress of school behind after class and to separate the private from the school. Due to the contact restrictions and the lack of hobbies, students hardly leave the house and spend almost all of their time in their own room. A structured and varied daily routine is not impossible, but it is still superfluous for many students, because every look into the room reminds you of school and this causes stress over and over again.

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