Why I wrote Educational Strategies for Youth Empowerment in Conflict Zones

Nyla Ali Khan

Affiliation: Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma, United States of America

Keywords: Capacity Building, Chosen Trauma, Collective Silence, Emotional Development, Emotional Integration, Cultural/Religious Identity, Jammu and Kashmir, National Ideology, National Interest, Critical Thinking, Emancipatory Pedagogical Methodology

Categories: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.9.3.828

Languages: English

This essay is an excerpt from my book Educational Strategies for Youth Empowerment in Conflict Zones: Transforming, Not Transmitting, Trauma, which offers fresh and exciting new directions of inquiry into the highly contentious issue of conflict resolution in South Asia. By shifting its gaze from a politics of division mired in ethno-nationalisms into a healing and restorative focus, the author moves the dialogue forward into the realm of community, healing, and shared governance. The book analyzes the major constitutional and political missteps that have led to the current situation of violence and distrust in countries such as India and Pakistan, keeping the focus on Jammu and Kashmir. This monograph will appeal to a wide range of audiences including academics, researchers, graduate students interested in South Asian politics, development, trauma studies, and peace and conflict studies. This essay was previously published in the Journal of International Women’s Studies: Vol 22: Iss.5, Article 28 (https://vc.bridgew.edu/jiws/vol22/iss5/28) on 05 June, 2021.

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