Vom Europäischen Geist – Of the European Spirit

Karl Jaspers

Affiliation: Universität Basel, Schweiz

Keywords: Europe, Freiheit, Bewußtsein, Spirit

Categories: News and Views, Life Sciences

DOI: 10.17160/josha.9.4.835

Languages: English

'Of the European Spirit' Jaspers consequently concludes, "If we want to live on European ground, we must let a deeper origin become effective." And he adds: "We must go back deeper into our historical origins, to where all those powers that have become weak once had their strength." In this paper I would like to take a look at the modalities of such a return to a deeper and more fundamental origin of the European spirit, my point of reference being the questions posed by the hosts of that conference: What is Europe? Where does Europe stand in the changed world? And what can we want out of European self-awareness? Previously published in Ordnung der Wissenschaft 03/ 2022 Karl Jaspers, Vom europäischen Geist, 1947, S. 10-16 (gekürzt).

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