Verifying the Authenticity of Diagnostic Labs: Need of the Hour

Ketki Kelkar Ramanan

Affiliation: Anjali Diagnostic Lab, MVR Welfare Foundation, Pune, India; Genepath Diagnostics, Pune, India; KEM Hospital, Pune, India

Keywords: Hematopathology, Medical Council of India (MCI), Laboratory Reports, Malpractice, Patient Care

Categories: News and Views, Life Sciences, Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.11.2.982

Languages: English

In my hematological practice, I have come across several cases of blood reports signed by technician-owned labs. Despite clear MCI (Medical Council of India) guidelines stating that DMLT technicians are not authorized to sign laboratory reports, this malpractice continues. The problem with such labs is that their reports are unreliable and may have been illegally modified for various motives and gains. These technician-run labs may either be self-signed or pathologist-signed. Such labs offer tests at lower prices at the cost of poor quality reporting. People do not mind getting their tests done at these labs as long as they get a good discount. Ideally, one must visit a lab which has a qualified pathologist available to answer patient queries, discuss reports and provide guidance. Today, we as a society are extremely cautious while making even simple lifestyle choices such as organic food, chemical-free products, etc. Then why not make prudent choices when it comes to healthcare, instead of falling into the trap of discounted substandard testing facilities. We are already lucky in terms of being able to get a specialist’s appointment in no time, in our country. Make the most of this privilege! Dr. Ketki‘s blog was first published on “K2‘s Blog“ ( in June, 2022.

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