Un Estudio de Caso en Terapia de Esquemas: Abordaje de las Dificultades en la Falta de Límites - A Case Study in Schema Therapy: Addressing Difficulties in the Lack of Boundaries

Yeri Valentina Gómez Cardenas, Jorge Alberto Velásquez Castrillón

Affiliation: Grancolombiano Polytechnic, Medellin, Colombia

Keywords: Case Study, Schema Therapy, Clinical Case, Case Analysis, Clinical Psychology: Estudio de caso, Terapia de Esquemas, Caso Clínico, Análisis de Caso, Psicología Clínica

Categories: News and Views, Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.10.5.937

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

This article arises from theoretical and practical research whose objective was to present essential elements for the investigation of Schema Therapy, through a case study design. This article discusses a 32-year-old female patient, who comes for consultation due to a lack of boundaries. A variety of tools were used to assess the patient, including the semi-structured interview, Young’s Schema Questionnaire (YSQ), and therapeutic activities. Once the results were obtained, an intervention plan was developed to achieve the therapeutic goals; as a result, the patient showed improvement in the initial symptoms, increased her self-esteem and acquired skills to cope with her activated schemas, helping in decision-making and problem-solving, which led to an improvement in her interpersonal relationships. In conclusion, the schema therapy used was effective in reducing the patient’s initial distress. This case study seeks to contribute to research on Schema Therapy in the clinical context.

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