To Bordeaux – With Love. A Homage in Three Languages

Gerhard Steinmann

Affiliation: International Academy of Sciences, Humanities, and Arts (IASHA e.V.), Freiburg, Germany

Keywords: Bordeaux, Travel, Sights

Categories: News and Views, Visual Arts, Architecture and Design

DOI: 10.17160/josha.8.5.795

Languages: German, English, French

For the next glass of Bordeaux, it's not far, everywhere in the world. The way to the city of Bordeaux can be very long, but it is worth it. This is a trilingual tribute to a city with which the authors have developed a very personal relationship over the decades. Especially since the turn of the millennium, we have witnessed with great enthusiasm how the city is developing into a French jewel. Not only a student city, but also a city of French high culture in all areas, history, sciences, arts and last not least French culinary. On the way to the Atlantic, a detour is worthwhile. What could be better than a day in Bordeaux! Gerhard Steinmann, International Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Freiburg i.Br., Germany with photos of Claudia Steinmann-Fölger and others

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