The Role of the Media in the Construction of Body Image and its Contribution to the Development of Restrictive Anorexia in Female Adolescents

Alaide Vitória Cardoso Garcia, Maria Eduarda Rangel Vilela Pinheiro

Affiliation: University of Amazon, Belém, Brazil

Keywords: Adolescence, Media, Anorexia, Body Image

Categories: News and Views, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Life Sciences

DOI: 10.17160/josha.11.1.961

Languages: Portuguese

The media has historically exerted an influence on the most diverse spheres of society. This influence, however, is exacerbated in the behavior of female adolescents, especially when it comes to self-esteem and body image. This work aims to raise questions and discussions about the topics presented, such as the current aesthetic standard of extreme and sickening thinness, highlighting the connections between the construction of body image, which is distorted by the excessive use of social networks, and the development of restrictive anorexia in female adolescents. To this end, the methodology used was an integrative bibliographic review using the Google Scholar, Scielo and LILACS databases to verify a relationship between the use of social networks and the development of anorexia in female adolescents. It was found that there has always been an aesthetic standard imposed according to each era, but never on such an evident scale as the current one which, unlike in times past, no longer occupies just a place for leisure and obtaining information, but rather the place of a powerful tool for controlling the behavior of the female body that needs to be questioned.

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