Personalized Treatments

Pernille Bülow

Affiliation: PernilleBülow (Private Enterprise), Boston, United States of America

Keywords: Mental Health, Healthcare, Personalized Medicine, Healthcare, Antidepressants, Epigenetics

Categories: News and Views, Life Sciences, Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.10.5.887

Languages: English

This newsletter explores the topic of personalised treatments for mental illness and the barriers to their inclusion in standardised healthcare. While there are different classes of antidepressants, even drugs within the same class can have different effects on people with the same mental illness. This variation in response can be due to a number of factors, including genetic make-up, environmental influences, and personal circumstances. The development of personalised treatments that take these factors into account could greatly improve outcomes for people with mental illness. However, there are several challenges to implementing this approach, including the need for more research and the high cost of developing personalised treatments. Despite these challenges, personalised medicine has the potential to transform mental health care and improve the lives of millions of people. This article was first published in Subkiton on February 01, 2023 (

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