Love Languages: the Science and Your Mental Health

Pernille Bülow

Affiliation: PernilleBülow (Private Enterprise), Boston, United States of America

Keywords: Romantic Relationships, Love Languages, Mental Health, Neurobiology

Categories: News and Views, Life Sciences, Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.10.3.884

Languages: English

The concept of love languages is widely known, but is there any scientific evidence to support their existence? This newsletter explores the science behind the popular concept of love languages and their impact on our mental health. Despite academia's reluctance to study this topic, understanding love languages can help us practice self-reflection and ultimately inspire change. It is a summary of the research on love languages and their neurobiological differences, as well as their influence on the quality of our romantic relationships. This article offers a unique perspective, placing the concept of love languages in the context of brain activity and discussing the practical implications for our mental health. This article was first published in Subkiton on October 14, 2022 (

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