JOSHA Print on Demand Service

Anusha Venkatraman

Affiliation: Associate Editor at JOSHA

Keywords: Print on demand, Articles, Manuscripts, Theses, Archive

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.4.4.331

Languages: English

With the September 2017 issue, JOSHA goes beyond being an electronic journal by introducing the new ‘Print on demand’ feature. This feature enables you to order a printed version of your favorite articles. The ‘print on demand’ feature is available for all individual articles with an option also to combine multiple articles from various issues and customize them into one. The printed version can be ordered by clicking on the ‘Order Print on Demand’ button below every published article. The print request can be completed by filling the form which appears when the ‘Print on demand’ button is clicked. You can order any number of copies. After you place your order you will receive a quote regarding the cost of printing your selection. There is also an option for a custom-designed cover page, which you might need for your thesis. This service is also available for manuscripts, theses and any type of work submitted and deposited only in the JOSHA archive.

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Roland H. Mertelsmann

3. Oct

Great new Service!