International Cooperation and Mentoring: An Academic Obligation? University of Concepción - CHILE

Carlos González Correa

Affiliation: University of Concepción

Keywords: University of Concepción, Chile, policy of education, Faculty of Biological Sciences, international cooperation

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.2.3.34

Languages: English

Concepción is the capital city of the Bio-Bio Region. ➢ It is located in the middle of Chile, close to the Pacific Ocean, and 500 kilometers south of Santiago. ➢ The Region is identified with the hydrographic basin of the Bio-Bio River, one of the most important fluvial streams in the country. Chile hold 64 Universities - Group 1: Include 25 members called the Rectors Council Group. - Group 2: Composed by 39 private Universities of different owners and orientations ➢ Also has 48 Professional Institutes and 117 Technical Training Centers In 1967, the Ministry of Eductation created an autonomous office called “National commission for scientific research and technology”, CONICYT. The two major objectives were the training of human capital and the promoting, developing, and disseminating scientific and technological research. The aim is to Contribute to Chile's economic, social, and culture development.

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