Fotógrafo de estrellas - Star Photographer

Valentino Beorda

Affiliation: El Gato y la Caja, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Keywords: Hubble, Space, Telescope, Universe, Photography, Stars

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.8.4.778

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

More than 30 years have passed since the Hubble Space Telescope was put into orbit at 7 km per second and 500 km far from the Earth surface. After a few (not so minor) adjustments, the Hubble Telescope gathered data that has been published in more than 15,000 scientific articles. On the contrary of what was hypothesized during the late 90s, the Hubble Telescope was critical for determining that the universe is expanding, and that the expansion velocity is actually increasing. This also supported the idea of the existence of dark energy and dark matter, something that we still do not understand at all, but occupies 68 and 27% of the Universe, respectively. It is expected that the Hubble Telescope will be operational until 2030, and then replaced by the James Webb Space Telescope. The Hubble Telescope gave us the most striking images we have from our Universe so far. This is it´s story.

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