Effect of Jeffrey Young's Schema-focused Therapy and Aaron Beck's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in a Patient with Mixed Anxiety-depressive Disorder and Fibromyalgia (Analysis of a Case)

Jorge Alberto Velásquez Castrillón, Yurany Valencia Posada

Affiliation: Grancolombiano Polytechnic, Medellin, Colombia

Keywords: Schema Therapy (ST), Cognitive Therapy (CBT), Mixed Anxiety and Depression Disorder (MADD), Fibromyalgia: Terapia de Esquemas (ST), Terapia Cognitiva (CBT), Trastorno Mixto de Ansiedad y Depresión (MADD), Fibromialgia.

Categories: News and Views, Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.10.6.938

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

This study aims to show the effect of applying ST Jeffrey Young, and CBT in a case with a patient with MAAD and fibromyalgia. The evaluation phase was performed through a free clinical interview during 4 sessions, during which the Beck anxiety inventory, the Beck depression inventory, the pain scale, and the YSQ.L2 were applied. The intervention phases were carried out during 10 sessions lasting one hour each. During the intervention, cognitive techniques such as cognitive restructuring, Socratic dialogue and self-registration, behavioural, experiential and emotional techniques were applied (Beck, 1960). At the end of the process, the same tests previously mentioned were applied, evidencing significant effects by decreasing scores of ill adaptive schemes, anxiety symptoms, and depression.

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