Editorial Volume 4 Issue 2

Anusha Venkatraman

Keywords: Missed encounters; Natural scientist, Medical school education system; Community-based agriculture; milestone; Alien tort statute

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.4.3.299

Languages: English

In this issue, we once again have an amazing amalgamation of topics involving history, law, medicine and arts in 11 articles. The first article in this issue, contributed by Stephen Seiler, makes the readers revisit history. The article contributed by Frank Wertheimer addresses a key reform that has been made in the medical school education system in Germany. The contribution by Werner Schempp with his article ''Individuality and integrity of humans in the modern age: Considerations of a natural scientist'' gives the readers a food for thought. The authors Usman Al-Amin and group contributed two insightful articles on pharmaceutical boom and poverty reduction program in Nigeria. The author Charles Mark gives us fresh perspectives on the existing commercial agent's regulations in England and Scottland. Yet another exciting short story by Zazie-Charlotte Pfeiffer is refreshing and fun to read. Another highlight in the Arts section is the article ''The Law or: the Affliction'' by Hans-Joachim Behrendt. Finally, the contribution by Arvind Venkat and group on the questionnaire used to evaluate the attitudes of clinicians towards patients with alcohol use disorders, one by Mario Pagliaro on the scientific cooperation between Israel and Italy and the one by Hannah Dittmers on the Alien Tort Statute to human rights violation in the United States are extremely interesting and informative.

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