Editorial Volume 10, Issue 4

Stephan Seiler

Affiliation: IASHA / JOSHA Journal. Freiburg, Germany

Keywords: Editorial, JOSHA Journal, 2023 Volume 10, Issue 4

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.10.5.936

Languages: English

This editorial introduces the core principles of Josha-Journal, emphasizing freedom and accessibility in scholarly contributions across all disciplines. We provide a platform for knowledge exchange and idea-sharing, valuing readership as the ultimate critic. Our current focus is on neuroscience and cell research, featuring contributions by Pernille Bülow on attachment formation and grief biology, and Maria Arzate's analysis of extracellular vesicles from CAR-T cells. Explore our critical reviews and discover the diverse range of topics Josha covers, including environment and architecture. Join us in spreading the word about our mission to promote academic freedom and accessibility.

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