Rhythm, Language, Theatre and Film - A Synaesthetic Proposal Ritmo, Linguaggio, Teatro e Cinema - Una proposta sinestetica

Ugo Rodolico

Affiliation: Musician, Naples, Italy

Keywords: Music, Rhythm, Disability, Strength, Theatre, Film

Categories: Performing Arts, Music

DOI: 10.17160/josha.10.2.893

Languages: Italian

This personal narrative describes the author's experience of struggling with stuttering during their teenage years. Despite the challenges and embarrassment caused by the condition, the author never imagined that twenty years later they would be using the same sounds and phonics they once struggled with to teach percussion instruments to students. In this context, the author has found that the same consonants and syllables that used to cause difficulty in speaking are now essential in teaching a unique type of music to children. The narrative highlights the transformative power of music and the unexpected ways in which personal challenges can be turned into strengths. Ugo Rodolico ubr77@libero.it Other links: https://youtu.be/8FF5iWF2Sf0 https://youtu.be/hrX1NvRFnHM https://youtu.be/KjwU73oheI0

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