Music and its influence on the art of writing poetry - La música y su influencia sobre el arte de poetizar

Lizdaribeth Josefina Torrealba Hernandez

Affiliation: Universidad Católica Santa Rosa (USCAR),Venezuela

Keywords: aesthetics, metaphysics, art, fine art, music, and poetry

Categories: Performing Arts, Music

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.5.439

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

Fine arts is a product of the genius search to wake up all the sensitive capacity in the spectator enabling an aesthetic reflection, which can either be intellectual or sensory character. This work is oriented towards the aesthetic and metaphysical study of the Fine Arts, specifically of music and poetry. The study particularly focusses on Kant, Nietzsche and Schiller's esthetics argumentations. These German philosophers attended with their philosophical ideas to the particular essence of the poetry and music. The general objective of this work consists of the philosophical analysis of a possible metaphysic hierarchy between the music and the art of poetizing; thereby, it proceeds to interpret three ground works for the justification of the problem raised. The following are the titles: The Critique of Judgment, The Born of the Tragedy, Naive Poetry and Sentimental Poetry.

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