The innovative surgical and the conservative treatments of ocular diseases by Victor Boleslaw Wicherkiewicz (1847-1915)*

Dieter Schmidt, Andrzej Grzybowski

Affiliation: Uniklinik Freiburg

Keywords: Wicherkiewicz, ophthalmology,therapy of ocular diseases, surgery

Categories: Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.3.2.122

Languages: English

Background: To call attention to the surgical procedures by Boleslaw Wicherkiewicz. Methods: Evaluation of Wicherkiewiczof important publications which were published in German journals. Results: Victor Boleslaw Wicherkiewiczsl published about 300 papers in several languages, mainly in Polish and German. His innovative surgical methods were concerned with several ocular diseases, such as trichiasis, distichiasis, ectropion, lid replacement, free skin transplantation, corneal staphyloma, lid coloboma, eye muscle -, and cataract surgery. His conservative treatments were concerned with corneal diseases, and glaucoma. In addition, he studied the effect of Cocaine on the eyes. He reported on congenital ectropium uveae, and on bilateral anophthalmus. In addition, Wicherkiewicz described a bilateral epibulbar dermoid combined with auricular anomalies that was later called Goldenhar syndrome. He constructed an instrument for measuring the extent of the orbit, and he introduced a clearly arranged, sterilisable metal box with ophthalmological instruments and medicaments for emergency situations. This article has been previously published in Hist Ophthal Intern 2015,1: 179-192

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