Brief history of the German-Argentine Academic and Scientific Cooperation and the Future of Science

Ruben Villaverde

Affiliation: -

Keywords: History, German-Argentine Cooperation, Science, Future

Categories: Life Sciences

DOI: 10.17160/josha.3.1.95

Languages: English

In this article the history of German-Argentine collaboration is discussed as well as implications for the future of science in general. Rubén Alejandro Villaverde is the Founding President of the Centro de Observaciones Astronómicas de Mar del Plata, COAM, where he has pursued astronomical research for more than 20 years. His research encompasses various astronomical topics such as black holes, white holes and the supersymetrical universum as well as philosophical concepts, the“Filosofía Cuántica Comparativa” which combines traditional philosophy and quantum physics. Villaverde has contributed to more than 700 Conferences and Seminars at the Universidad Nacional de Mar Plata and the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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