ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ СРАВНЕНИЯ МЕЖДУ УЗКОЙ ШИРИНОЙ КОЛЕИ И СТАНДАРТОМ - Technical Comparisons between narrow Gauge and standard for electric Trains in Bogota

Juan Pablo Escobar Fernandez, Juan Pablo Escobar Fernandez

Affiliation: RUDN University, Moscow, Russia

Keywords: Railway, electric Train, Gauge, Bogota, technical comparisons, track width.

Categories: Life Sciences

DOI: 10.17160/josha.7.3.683

Languages: Russian

For decades, rail track width measures have been discussed that allow for higher rail speed, greater stability, and safety of railcars. The city of Bogota is no exception, and this is the topic being discussed for the construction of an electric train that would link the city of Bogota with its surroundings. Tasks: For that reason, in this article we will develop a comparison between the two most common types of measurements used on a railway for an electric train. We will analyze the technical data in theory and get help from the experience of railway work from other cities. Hypothesis: We will also analyze two hypotheses that arise to choose the type of track that best suits the city of Bogota. One is to choose a narrow track or "yard" that is commonly used in tram and light rail. Another hypothesis is the choice of a standard or international sidewalk, which is used in most intercity trains and metro. Method and Result: Qualitative social survey method was adopted. We will demonstrate with historical data, formulas, calculations and engineering criteria which of the two-track widths is best suited for the city Bogota.

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