Wiederzuweisung von Personal- und Sachmitteln aus einer Bleibezusage – VGH Baden-Württemberg, Urt. v. 20.04.2020, 9 S 1897/18 - Reallocation of personnel and material Resources

Frank Wertheimer

Affiliation: Krauss Law, Lahr, Germany

Keywords: Universities, Budget, Lehrstuhlausstattung, Hochschule

Categories: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

DOI: 10.17160/josha.8.3.769

Languages: German

Equipping a professorship with personnel and material resources, as well as with investment funds, for example for the procurement of equipment, is fundamentally subject to a conflict of interests. While the scope of action of universities is limited by the budget allocated to them by the state, the needs of university professors are primarily based on their research and teaching concepts. Ultimately, a compromise must always be found on this. What is granted to professors to fulfill their tasks is highly individual and depends on fiscal constraints, the subject concerned, the academic reputation of the person concerned and, ultimately, the university location. Previously published in ODW Issue 01/2021 on December 14th 2020 / https://ordnungderwissenschaft.de/2020/wiederzuweisung-von-personal-und-sachmitteln-aus-einer-bleibezusage-vgh-baden-wuerttemberg-urt-v-20-04-2020-9-s-1897-18/

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