Landkarten des Ungewissen als Werkzeug in der angewandten Zukunftsforschung

Hans-Liudger Dienel, Christoph Henseler

Affiliation: Technische Universität Berlin

Keywords: Maps of Uncertainties, Futurology, Science communication, Inverse infographics

Categories: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

DOI: 10.17160/josha.7.1.624

Languages: German

While uncertainty, incertitude, unknown and nescience is not only an accepted but favoured attitude within scientific debates, it is less allowed in science communication to and with society. In science communication, still affirmative messages are expected and thus delivered. The societal expectation against scientific messages obviously was and is transformed into an inner expectation of scientists against themselves. The paper - after giving an overview on the lively discussion about scientific uncertainty and nescience (landscapes of uncertainties) - presents a new tool for the communication of scientific uncertainties in "Maps of Uncertainties". These maps are a new inverse form of infographics, which shall allow a different communication of uncertainties and thus a different science-society-relation. The paper presents and discusses six exemplary maps.

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