G20 2019 in Buenos Aires: Lügen haben kurze Beine – und warum uns das der G20 Gipfel lehrt. Eine Satire

Felicitas Holzer

Affiliation: University of Buenos Aires

Keywords: Politics, G20, Argentina, Newsworthy

Categories: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.10.510

Languages: German

Mendacity is the politician's bunch. No Argentinian would deny that, on the contrary, he would be able to prove it with countless examples, to paint, to affirm, and talk each other into rage: because why is the whole thing Political business only so lying and why is it already completely sufficient everything going wrong, the moral decay and in general the bad in the to a single moral offence, lying? In order to understand the origin and Argentina's continued policy and continuing crisis, it needs to be explained entirely alone of a small misdemeanor that, when committed in great numbers and by important people, leads to a single chaos. For sure, Alberto Echegaray Guevara would not be denied that the lies of the official, all democratically elected in their offices, rags gang has contributed a crucial part to the evil of the world. This includes not only the Lies of the local, but also of the global ragtag, financial capital, the lying press, Monetary funds, vulture funds and other funds - in short, everything that is decisive for the Decline in values, customs and currencies of the entrepreneurial morals, the Argentine peso, and the morality has led to. The lie is the root of all evil.

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