A scientific galaxy lacking replications: on Ioannidis’ "In scientific method we don’t just trust or why replication has more value than discovery"

Alahí Bianchini, Alahí Bianchini

Affiliation: FLACSO Argentina

Keywords: replication, reproducibility crisis, science, discoveries.

Categories: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.7.579

Languages: English

In this article, I examine and outline a recent lecture at the US National Institutes of by Dr. Ioannidis. In his talk, he argues for the importance of reproducibility in science and emphasizes the immense value of replication over discovery. In his words, in most scientific disciplines, a discovery without replication is a boring nuisance. Also at the conference, Dr. Ioannidis proposes twelve families of solutions to increase the proportion of real research results.

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