Editorial Volume 6, Issue 7. The second awarding of the Demetrios Prize and its participants.

Stephan Seiler

Affiliation: JOSHA

Keywords: Editorial, Josha Journal, 2019, Demetrios Prize

Categories: Demetrios Project, News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.7.590

Languages: English

The current issue of the Josha Journal is dominated by the awards ceremony on July 6, 2019. Eight Demetrios Prizes and three Pythagoras Prizes were presented by the International Academy of Sciences, Humanities, and Arts at a successful concert and literature evening. In addition to the prize money, the international prize winners will also be able to publish their qualification papers in the Journal. The theses published in the journal the last weeks are bachelor, master and doctoral theses by young scientists. The spectrum ranges from philosophy and cultural studies to machine learning and medical work. The Pythagoras prizes went to the youth big band "Swing Kids", the poetess Zazie-Charlotte Pfeiffer and the singer Marie Brendle. All of them presented their performances at the award ceremony. Although no all of the winners were able to attend this evening, they have prepared a short video for all the readers of the Journal with an excellent explanation concerning the topics of their works. All these videos have direct access to YouTube just by clicking on the button “Watch Video”.

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