Demetrios Preis 2018: "A comparison of the religiosity of Christian and Muslim youth in Germany"

Nora Marie Leps

Affiliation: Albert-Ludwigs-university of Freiburg

Keywords: Demetrios Preis 2018, Master, Theology, Religion, Catholicism, Muslim religion, Germany

Categories: Demetrios Project

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.7.473

Languages: German

This is one of the four works that has been selected by our JOSHA-editors as a winner of our Demetrios Preis 2018! The Thesis was presented by Nora Marie Leps from Germany. Religion and religious education are once again playing an important public role in the integration debate in the face of demographic change in Europe because religion, among other things, provides for integration and orientation. According to Schambeck, religious education, in particular, should aim to teach the students in, from, through and about religion. How can this be achieved so that young people can behave in the face of multiculturalism in Germany?

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