THE VERTICAL FARM – Part 2, Architectural Design Principles

Bujar Q. Bajçinovci

Affiliation: University of Prishtina, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kosovo.

Keywords: Architecture, Kosovo, Design

Categories: DEMETRIOS Textbooks

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.6.450

Languages: Albanian

This is a second part of the monograph entitled Vertical Farm - Architectural Design Principles, also, this part discusses and reflects the standards, technical details of the Vertical Farm - Architectural Design Principles, accompanied by photographs, drawings, sketches and case studies. The core of this monograph are the student works as design models for future generations at the Department of Architecture, University of Prishtina. The textbook is divided into four chapters. The first chapter, present and elaborates the intro of the Agroindustry situation in Kosovo. The second chapter, present and elaborates the Design Program of the Vertical Farm structures for the student projects. The third chapter is the main chapter of this monograph which extendedly present and elaborates the student works, followed by the fourth chapter of this monograph, which describes the functional nature of the future Agroindustry megastructures. The monograph is conceptually designed to be divided into the two parts as the specificity of the study of Vertical Farm - Architectural Design Principles.

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