HOTELS - DESIGN PRINCIPLES - in the Albanian Language

Bujar Q. Bajçinovci

Affiliation: University of Prishtina, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kosovo.

Keywords: Architecture, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Design Principles, Textbook, Monograph, Language: Albanian

Categories: DEMETRIOS Textbooks

DOI: 10.17160/josha.4.3.312

Languages: Albanian

Each chapter of textbook presents and reflects the normative, standards, technical details of the Tourism and Hotel Architectural Design Principles, accompanied with photographs, drawings, sketches and case studies, followed by discussions, quotes, and citations by various authors, as well as official government publications as the academic comparative references. There are eleven chapters, each chapter extensive explain and discuss issues related to the specific topic of the Tourism and Hotel Architectural Design Principles. The chapters from two to three: Introduces and elaborates the fundamental definitions in the context of the diversity of the meaning variations, followed by the criteria and classification of the hotels. The chapters from four to nine: introduces the basic principles of hotels functions, followed by the main chapter of this monograph, which describes the concepts, guidelines and conceptual design principles of hotels, further strengthened the design principles with the case studies and sustainable tourism as contemporary healing strategies. The chapters from ten to eleven: Presents the most interesting touristic locations and restaurants, followed by the social responsibility in the context of the hygiene, and human equality.

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