The Ultimate Hero; Zero Times Zero

Ranjan Nehru

Affiliation: Nehru & Co, Maharashtra, India

Keywords: Art, Graphic Verse, Poetry, Abstract

Categories: Visual Arts, Architecture and Design

DOI: 10.17160/josha.9.5.841

Languages: English

This is a Written Word Art presentation which, among others of its kind, created over the years, has been an endeavor to explore various experiential subjects using the art of what I call as Graphic Verse. The work presented here is intended to show-case this particular manner of expression. While not being aware of anything of this kind that has been brought out earlier, I presume Ultimate Hero, Zero Times Zero is the first of its kind that is being presented under the aegis of JOSHA. My predilection for the Written Word Art, since my early years, drew my attention to the fact that my interest in poetry would often make me the odd man out among my circle of friends and acquaintances. Poetry did not appear to catch their fancy; probably because most of them would not get absorbed by or attracted to its substance by merely hearing or reading it. This happened more so when the thought-images woven into the fabric of this artform took to abstract verbal or visual postures. That’s when it occurred to me that, considering my concurrent inclination for drawing and painting, it would be worthwhile to explore the possibility of giving visual expression to the abstract thought-images by projecting them in their corresponding and exact graphic reflections, as if they were laid out pictorially, without any other enunciations or interpolation. The idea is not to create derivative art out of the words and ideas employed, but to strictly project their corresponding thought-images in parallel with their abstract references in the written word on as is where is basis. Further, in order to embellish the auditory aspect of the Written Word Art, when spoken or heard, it occurred to me that some non-formal meter (rhythm) could be built into the language employed. Hence, some latent musicality was sought to be coupled with the images so created. Owing to this, I have attempted to make them resonate with simple, spontaneous, unobtrusive rhythm and rhymes, wherever possible. Hence, when the Written Word Art is presented with parallel thought-images in a graphical form and embroidered with the threads of latent meter and rhyme, it could become transformative, effective and absorbing. This gives rise to a new artform; I call it Graphic-Verse.

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