Elegant, airy, perfectly balanced color drawings

Amala Berges, Dagmar Faller-Cybulla, Karin Lotzwi

Affiliation: -

Keywords: combination of motifs, new visual angles, new associations, color drawings

Categories: Visual Arts, Architecture and Design

DOI: 10.17160/josha.3.3.190

Languages: German

“In my work, I focus on egg tempera on canvas and paper, but also occupy myself with multicolor wood engraving and linocut. My current paintings are compositions of colored surfaces and in part overlapping paint brush work. An additional element in the creating process is to include the empty space (white canvas). I do not intend to create the perspective of realistic representations, on the contrary, the idea is to outline particular motifs with a few strokes and form a contrast to color surfaces. My compositions refer to common, ordinary subjects, with the motifs originating in a different context. For me, the unusual combination of motifs offers new visual angles, new associations. Thus, the creating course continuously changes - thereby time and again surprising myself.”

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