A Proposed Methodological Framework for the Spatial and temporal Calibration of a Large River Basin Hydrological Model

Carlos Andrés Prada Rogéliz

Affiliation: The Nature Conservancy, Bogotá, Colombia

DOI: 10.17160/josha.8.4.782

Languages: English

De ratones y humanos - Of Mice and Humans

Julieta Alcain

Affiliation: EGLC Journal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

DOI: 10.17160/josha.8.1.735

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

Artificial Intelligence and mathematical Models in Research and applied Oncology and Hematology

Roland Mertelsmann

Affiliation: BioThera Institut GmbH, Freiburg, Germany

DOI: 10.17160/josha.8.1.736

Languages: German

Desarrollo de Canales de Microfluidica - Development of microfluidic Channels

Ana Belén Peñaherrera Pazmiño

Affiliation: Facultad Regional La Plata. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina

DOI: 10.17160/josha.7.3.671

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

Automatic Breast Cancer Cell Classification using deep Convolutional neural Networks

Gisela Pattarone

Affiliation: Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine – Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina and Faculty of Medicine – Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany

DOI: 10.17160/josha.7.2.652

Languages: English

Evaluation of GloWbE as a Tool for Big Data Corpus Linguistics

Philipp Reichenbach

DOI: 10.17160/josha.6.2.538

Languages: English

Towards Simulating Carcinogenesis: Modeling and Simulating Carcinogenesis, Hematopoietic Tissue Homeostasis and Leukemogenesis

Jenny Groten, Maximilian Georg, Oliver Worm, Christoph Borner et al.

Affiliation: Institut für Molekulare Medizin und Zellforschung

DOI: 10.17160/josha.3.7.253

Languages: English