De ratones y humanos - Of Mice and Humans

Julieta Alcain

Affiliation: EGLC Journal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Keywords: Data, Humans, Mice, Analysis,

Categories: Life Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation, Medicine

DOI: 10.17160/josha.8.1.735

Languages: Spanish, Castilian

Experimental data is what we do with it. It is the analysis that makes them relevant (or not). We have to be especially careful to look at it as fairly as possible. Otherwise, we will see whatever each of us wants to see, always. In February 2013, Junhee Seok showed that mouse models poorly mimic human diseases. In June 2014, Keizo Takao and Tsuyoshi Miyakawa used the same data to conclude the opposite. This is the story of how they shocked the scientific community. Previously published on: 25/6/2018 Link to the original article:

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