1st Freiburg,Germany - Mendoza, Argentina Symposium on Translational Medicine

Astrid Schmidt, Israel Vega, Birke Ahlfeldt, Roland Mertelsmann, Jürgen Rühe , Hans-Peter Deigner, María Colombo, Felicitas Holzer, Sean Patterson, Emiliano Diez

Affiliation: Facultad de Ciencias Médicas Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina

Keywords: Cancer, Cardiovascular and Neurological Maladies

Categories: News and Views

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.5.423

Languages: English

The initiative for organizing this symposium arose a few months ago, during the visit of Prof. Borner and Prof. Mertelsmann. It was supported by the German Consulate of Mendoza, particularly by Mr. Andres Vollmer. Alongwith Mr. Vollmer, the faculty of Medical Sciences and the young researchers showed their excitement about the symposium through their active engagement with its organization. While our Medical School is just sixty-eight years old, it is widely recognized in our country as a public institution with high standards for the education of physicians, nurses and health technicians.

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