Ife-Modakeke Crisis (1849-2000): Re-thinking the conflict and methods of resolution

Ayowole Elugbaju

Affiliation: Kings University Ode Omu, Nigeria

Keywords: Keywords: Ile-Ife, Modakeke, conflict, resource, self-autonomy, resolution

Categories: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

DOI: 10.17160/josha.5.8.483

Languages: English

This paper identifies the gap in the historical narratives gathered from the members of the belligerent communities and the sparsity of related literature as a factor contributing to the resurgence of the Ife-Modakeke conflict. Thus, this paper attempts a chronological reconstruction of the Ife-Modakeke conflict by exploring and fusing a plethora of related secondary source of data. The paper advocates the need to sustain an accurate history of the Ife-Modakeke relations; implementation of social justice; and the disarmament of the members of the two communities to engender sustainable peace and the total prevention of the conflict from reoccurring.

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